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Brian J. Horrocks

Father, Husband, Councilman

I am Brian Horrocks, and I am running for re-election to the North Salt Lake City Council to continue the vision I embraced when originally elected. NSL has experienced tremendous growth and positive changes, and I believe our best years are ahead of us.  

Linda and I moved to North Salt Lake 23 years ago looking for a great place to raise our family.  We have loved this community. I work in commercial real estate management for Hamilton Partners. 

For North Salt Lake, I have served as the Chairman of the Planning Commission prior to the City Council, Mayor Pro Tem, and also served as Chairman of the board of the Davis Mosquito Abatement Association and as a delegate to the county and state Republican conventions. I am a fiscal conservative and am focused on responsible utilization of our tax dollars. I try to balance the rights of property owners with the desires of the surrounding citizenry.  I am committed to representing each of you to the best of my ability.  Thank you for your support.


Foxboro Community

While serving on the city's planning commission and city council, we instrumented the development and implementation of the Foxboro Community. This vibrant development transformed our City, adding hundreds of wonderful families and many economically viable businesses along the Redwood Road corridor.


We embarked on an ambitious plan to increase the number and quality of our parks. This resulted in the creation of Wild Rose, Tunnel Springs, Springhill Geologic, Legacy Regional Park and Splash Pad, Veterans Memorial Amphitheater at City Hall, Foxboro South, Legacy Trail and Stone Parks.


The disrepair and safety concerns of our old City Hall were addressed with an attractive new building that was designed and built without incurring debt. We adopted an updated General Plan with an emphasis on the creation of a City Center, created four Economic Development Areas to encourage desirable developments and worked to redevelop blighted areas and increase the beautification of the City.


We have completed several water projects, adding new storage tanks and secondary water systems to several parts of the City. A shift in water rates improved our bond rating saving thousands on interest expenses for those projects.  The police department was expanded by nine officers so that all shifts could be adequately covered. Two new fire stations were built in the City.  A comprehensive road study will address the maintenance needs throughout the City.

Goals and Objectives

Smart Growth

Growth is inevitable. How and where that growth occurs will be critical to maintain the desirability of our communities.  We can and must have economic vitality and housing options for our children and grandchildren. The evaluation and periodic revision of the City's General Plan is an important step in that process.


Much of the city is built-out, but we are seeing older areas starting to redevelop. This is where every project should be evaluated on its merits, where property rights are respected, adequate infrastructure is available, and it conforms to the city's General Plan. Thoughtful consideration should be given to neighborhoods for preservation, enhancement, and economic development. 


Access to and protection of the foothills will continue to be a critical component to proposed development on the east side of the city. 


With the addition of newer parks in the city, there is a need to update and maintain our older parks. Hatch Park, as part of revitalizing the city center, will be expanded and redesigned, creating an inviting venue to the surrounding neighborhoods. Mathis Park is an ideal setting for pickleball courts, and our Parks, Trails, Arts and Recreation Board is working on a design for those. 

Plans are in the works to create a impressive series of boardwalk trails and ponds to create a Foxboro Wetlands Park. This project will hopefully be in conjunction with refineries and other local businesses who support environmentally sustaining projects.


Local government works because it is closest to the people. Decisions at the local level affect our day-to-day lives. As a council, we receive a lot of feedback. Our mobile phone numbers and emails are available on the city's website.

Cities are responsible to provide basic services to its residents including water, garbage, public safety (police and fire), streets - including repair, snow removal, etc.  North Salt Lake excels in most of these areas and are continually striving to be innovative and proactive to improve where possible. Our city staff is exceptional. We have made staffing changes through the years to ensure every department is run by capable professionals who are focusing on the needs of this great city.  

The annual Liberty Fest (5K, Car Show and Fireworks) and other activities such as the kite festival, NSL Reads, food trucks and farmers market, create a sense of community in our City. The combination of great services and community involvement are what makes the City of North Salt Lake such a great place to live, work and play.

There are two types of people.  Those that live in North Salt Lake,
and those that wish they did.

Brian Horrocks

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